About Us
My Golden retriever puppiess.com started as an organization between two families: The Rabers and The Kauffmans. I initially met Robert in 2015, when I inquired as to whether I could come by and take some photographs of his award Brilliant Retriever sire, Pudgey. Right away, I understood something really stood out about Robert and his family, who’ve been rearing Goldens for more than 15 years. They were earnestly energetic about the variety, and about their canines specifically.
As “Pudgey” walked around to me to say “hi,” I tuned in as Robert related the characters, families, and posterity of his darling canines. He appeared to have their families generally retained! Robert and I immediately became companions and accomplices, as I probably was aware I would be glad to suggest his lovely, very much adjusted, AKC, champion-bloodline puppies to families across Ohio and the country who were searching for a Brilliant to finish their loved ones.

Today, our extension has extended. Golden retriever puppiess.com is currently a shut organization of reproducers, every one of which is focused on:

∇   Cautiously arranged breedings
∇   Endeavoring to raise solid, mingled golden retriever puppiess  that address the ∇    well, and that are prepared to progress flawlessly to new homes
∇   Backing each little guy we place with our 2-year hereditary wellbeing ensure
∇   Working intimately with authorized veterinarians to be certain our pups are sound, and that deworming and inoculation conventions are current.
Every client gets a vet-marked duplicate of the wellbeing endorsement, the deworming and immunization records, as well as AKC enlistment desk work. You will see the little dogs on the “our doggies” page are not all from a similar raiser or a similar area. Every one of our reproducers is a little family reproducer, and most raise only 2 or 3 litters each year. Others, similar to Robert and Martha, raise 7-8. Furthermore, pretty much every one of them have small kids who love to mingle, play, and “help” in raising the little guys consistently. This permits us to offer a wide choice of Brilliant Retriever doggies all year, without losing the practical validness of visiting a raiser’s home to select your pup (versus a pet store or dealer who doesn’t permit you to visit the reproducer).
The web has changed how people look for a pup, particularly in the last number of years. While a significant number of our clients currently choose their little guy through photographs, we cheerfully oblige the people who might want to choose their puppy “as it was done in the good ‘ol days,” by visiting the premises, playing with the pups, conversing with the raiser face to face, and making a determination. Simply call the number recorded with the little dog or pups where you are intrigued, and we’ll be glad to oblige you!
While a greater part of our pups are set with Ohio families, we really do have clients from essentially every state. We’ve effectively organized doggy air travel for many blissful clients with 100 percent safe appearances! We would be eager to assist you migrate your valuable new relative by ground travel or via air travel to any U.S. state (aside from Hawaii).
Gratitude for visiting our site, and carving out opportunity to get more familiar with us and our families. Throughout the long term, we have imparted and tuned in as families picked their pups and tended to their interests and questions. Through this mindfulness, we have ceaselessly improved and developed, with numerous blissful clients returning for additional puppies or alluding us to their loved ones. If whenever you have any broad various forms of feedback, if it’s not too much trouble, call us at  or send us a message on our contact page.